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The Encruzado Variety

The Encruzado variety

Encruzado is one of our favorite Portuguese grape varieties, but without a doubt it is also one of the favorite varieties of all wine lovers,

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Terroir do vinho

What Terroir Means?

Terroir is a fundamental concept in the production of quality wines. It refers to the environmental elements that influence the flavor and personality of a

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Harmonia do vinho

Wine Harmony

Harmony in wine is a crucial aspect for evaluating the taste and quality of wine. It is the result of the perfect balance between the

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Wine`s acidity

Wine’s Acidity

Acidity is one of the fundamental elements that make up the structure of a wine, and it is a characteristic that can be measured. It

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Wine Tannins

Wine Tannins

Tannins are one of the main characteristics of wines and are found mainly in the skin, seeds, and stems of grapes. They give wines a

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Taste Wine

How to taste wine

Tasting wine is an art and a science at the same time. It is important to know how to taste wine correctly to fully appreciate

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Touriga Nacional

Touriga Nacional Probably originating in the village of Tourigo, near Tondela in the Dão region, Touriga Nacional is one of the noblest Portuguese red grape

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