Shipping & Returns

Quality and Safety wine delivers is shipping wines in shipping boxes of 3, 6 or 12 bottles, the prices are shown below.

Take this fact in consideration when you make an order.
You can add as many bottles as you want to your basket but in the end you will be charged accordingly.
If you buy 22 bottles you will need two boxes of 12, so it will be charged 2 x 12.
You can always add 2 bottles more to complete the box for the same shipping price.

If your country is not on this list, it does not mean that we will not ship orders to your country. Send us an email to and we will inform you immediately about the conditions in your country.

Door to door service.
Tracking and proof of delivery.
Price includes special box for bottles.
Insurance of €500 per order included.
Touriga is not responsible for customs fees or restrictions on the entry of beverages into destination countries.
In Switzerland and Norway, customs fees and expenses are the responsibility of the recipient.
*Portugal, adds 23% VAT rate
*England, if there are fees, the recipient must pay them upon delivery.
***Greece islands on request

*Ireland, we cannot ship more than 12 bottles at a time.


When we ship wines we assume all costs in case of damage, we transfer the value of the bottle or bottles back to you.
In case of damage please send us pictures of the wine box and the 
broken bottles.

We do not assume issues with local customs, please inform yourself with your local custom law.

In the US we do ship to NY without a problem but we do not ship to Texas due to customs issues. For shipments to other states look for information with your local authorities or get in contact with us