Wine’s Acidity

Wine’s Acidity

Wine`s acidity

Acidity is one of the fundamental elements that make up the structure of a wine, and it is a characteristic that can be measured. It is responsible for balancing sugar and tannins, giving the wine freshness and vitality. Acidity is also important for the wine’s preservation and for pairing with food.

There are several types

There are several types of acids present in wine, such as malic acid, citric acid, and tannic acid, each with a specific role in the wine’s composition. Total acidity is the sum of these acids, while volatile acidity is the measure of acids present in wine that can cause stinging or chilling sensations on the tongue.

White wines tend to have more acidity than red wines, due to white grapes having a naturally high acidity. However, acidity can also be affected by climate and the growing conditions of the grapes. Wines produced in cooler regions tend to have more acidity than those produced in warmer regions.


Acidity is a crucial element in pairing wines with food. Wines with higher acidity are generally better paired with strong flavored dishes, while wines with less acidity harmonize better with lighter dishes.

In our wine cellar, we have a wide selection of wines with different levels of acidity, so you can find the perfect wine for every occasion. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about wine acidity or if you need help choosing the right wine for you.

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